Balanced portfolio with growth focus
Security selection through robust process frameworks
Suitable for planning long term goals
Investment Objective

The Scheme seeks to generate long term capital appreciation and also income through investments in equity and equity related instruments and investments in debt and money market instruments. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be achieved. The Scheme does not assure or guarantee any returns

Product Details
Available Plans for Subscription
Regular | Direct (D)
Available Options
Dividend | Growth (D)
Available Sub-options
Dividend Payout | Dividend Re-investment (D)
D - Default
Scheme Positioning
  • Tactical allocations across asset class adaptive to market cycles
  • Higher equity allocation to companies with high growth potential from across market caps
Investment Style


  • Portfolio construction would have preference for growth style of investing
  • Bottom up companies that have ability to scale up, gain market share and/or are present in sunrise/high growth sectors
  • Top down sector check for portfolio construction


  • Will focus on quality of the credit through a strong risk appraisal process
  • Tactical approach through changes in term structure, interest rate and credit spreads
Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation Pattern Proportion (%) Risk Profile
Equity and Equity related Securities^ 65-80 High
Debt and Money Market Securities^ (including CBLO, Reverse Repo and units of liquid mutual fund schemes) 20-35 Low to Medium
Units issued by REITs & InvITs 0-10 Medium to High

^ including derivative instruments to the extent of 50% of the Net Assets of the Scheme. For Detailed Asset Allocation refer SID available online at or visit nearest ISC.

Investment Details
Purchase Rs. 1,000/- and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter
Redemption Rs. 1,000/- or 100 units or account balance, whichever is lower
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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